Welcome to  Anna Marie’s website.

Anna Marie is a sensitive and intuitive Spiritual Counsellor and Healer with background in teaching. She has spent over twelve  years in the education sector, working with young people and parents.

The core of her spiritual work is the Soul and the Body connection which is  the greatest tool given to us to express ourselves in this world.

She believes that everybody has a  “gut instincts” about people, events and situations and who use intuition to make important decisions. Nature, throughout  the process of evolution has equipped us with highly-sophisticated perceptual, processing and decision-making skills which operate without effort and beyond our conscious awareness.

We all are intuitive, we have all experienced our intuition, and we have all lived with the consequences of listening to it or of ignoring it. Sometime, the intuitive blip that we sense on the screen or our consciousness can be misunderstood or misinterpreted, overlooked or ignored.

Perhaps its predictions can take us to the, so called wrong places and we may, at our peril, confuse its voices with other more feeble but potentially dangerous voices such as logical errors, bias prejudice and wishful thinning.

The workings of the intuitive mind are neither magical nor paranormal phenomena. And, if you prefer to approaching life from a scientific point of view we can say that intuitive mind can also be explained scientifically.