I am enough. Not perfect – perfect wouldn’t be enough. But I am human and there is nothing that this client can say or do or feel that I cannot feel in myself. I can be with them. I am enough.
-Carl Rogers

Often clients will have a key area to work on. The purpose of a Life Coaching session is to focus on a particular  area to enable you to move forward and come up with plan to follow up where you feel blocked. Having a  clear structure to serve you as a guideline will make the whole process much more enjoyable and achievable.

Anna Marie also works with clients who may not necessarily have a clear idea of which area in their life they would like to focus on. To assist in this we start with the general assessment using   a Life Satisfaction rating where you look at some obvious elements of your life to improve each area and then focus on one key area per session.


These are just few, probably most common advantages are that her clients encounter;

They avoid making the same mistakes professionally and personally

They accomplishing more  in less time

They become more effective and influential

They find their own way to attract abundance in their life

They are able to close the door to the past, and by doing so, start living in the present moment.

From  professional experience,  two to three sessions are enough for a client to gain clarity and be ready to make those life changing steps. Anna Marie would meet her clients in person for  the first session and, if mutually agreed she would  continue working with them over the Skype or telephone.