It has been found that musical vibrations make their impact upon the entire body, being picked up by the nerves, spinal column, and even by the bones. This is why people who are deaf can react to music. It has also been demonstrated that music affects the pulse, respiration, and blood pressure; but it’s deepest effects, and those from which most of it’s curative properties are derived, are mental and emotional.”
– Doren Antrim (Music Is Medicine)

Music therapy is a form of sound healing and is widely used in hospitals in the US to treat disorders such as schizophrenia, amnesia, depression. It can even assist those recovering from a stroke or other serious brain injury.

The crystal bowls I use in my therapies are made from the highest quality Quartz Crystal ( 99,9%). It is interesting to remember that our body is also composed of the crystalline structures which make us resonate very well with the sound of the crystal bowls.

Crystal bowls can also be used to purify your work or home space. They are perfect for purifying and energising  drinking water.Those familiar with the work of Masaru Emoto  “The Hidden Message in the water” will appreciate even more the nature of water and how beneficial water can really be to our physical and spiritual health. The pure sound produced  by the crystal bowls awakens your energy and enhances your well-being . You can clearly feel the vibration moving through your body making you feel rejuvenated and energised.

I tend  to use her Crystal Bowls in conjunction with other healing techniques by infusing water with the crystal bowls vibration ( music vibration). It changes the nature of the water making it far more beneficial to our physical and mental health.

Below please, find attached a sound record the Crystal Singing Bowls for you to experience it in person. Please, enjoy it!