Holistic life coaching  

Often clients will have a central area to work on. The purpose of a Life Coaching session is to focus on a particular area to enable you to move forward and come up with a plan to follow up where you feel blocked. Having a  clear structure to serve you as a guideline will make the whole process much more enjoyable and achievable.


Anna also works with clients who may not necessarily have a clear idea of which area in their life they would like to focus on. To assist in this, we start with the general assessment using a Life Satisfaction rating where you look at some prominent elements of your life to improve each area and then focus on one key area per session.




These are just a few, probably most familiar advantages are that her clients encounter;


                                     They avoid making the same mistakes professionally and personally

                                     They are accomplishing more  in less time

                                     They become more effective and influential

                                     They find their way to attract abundance in their life

                                     They can close the door to the past, and by doing so, start living in the present moment.


From professional experience,  two to three sessions are enough for a client to gain clarity and be ready to make those life-changing steps. Anna Marie would meet her clients in person for the first session and if mutually agreed she would continue working with them over the Skype or telephone.

Soul Plan 
Sound Healing

Music therapy is a form of sound healing and is widely used in hospitals in the US to treat disorders such as schizophrenia, amnesia, depression. It can even assist those recovering from a stroke or other severe brain injury.

The crystal bowls I use in my therapies are made from the highest quality Quartz Crystal ( 99,9%). It is interesting to remember that our body is also composed of the crystalline structures which make us resonate very well with the sound of the crystal bowls.


Crystal bowls can also be used to purify your work or home space. They are perfect for cleansing and energising drinking water. Those familiar with the work of Masaru Emoto  “The Hidden Message in the water” will appreciate even more the nature of water and how beneficial water can be to our physical and spiritual health. The pure sound produced by the crystal bowls awakens your energy and enhances your well-being. You can feel the vibration moving through your body, making you feel rejuvenated and energised.


I tend to use the Crystal Bowls in conjunction with other healing techniques by infusing water with the crystal bowls vibration ( music vibration). It changes the nature of the water, making it far more beneficial to our physical and mental health.


Below please, find attached a sound record the Crystal Singing Bowls for you to experience it in person. Please, enjoy it!

It has been found that musical vibrations make their impact upon the entire body, being picked up by the nerves, spinal column, and even by the bones. This is why people who are deaf can react to music. It has also been demonstrated that music affects the pulse, respiration, and blood pressure; but it’s most profound effects, and those from which most of its curative properties are derived, are mental and emotional.”
– Doren Antrim (Music Is Medicine)

The Soul Plan reading is based on a person’s full name as it was given at birth. Every letter has a specific vibration which when put together give us a greater picture of one’s personality.

When you think of it, once you know yourself well, you can then start to use your full potential, identify your strengths and you know where your talents lie.

How do you know what your strengths are?

Well, you merely get that powerful feeling, inside of you that says this resonates with you. It is something that you know. Some may call it the universal truth. I have learnt through my own experiences,  that life is about being truthful to yourself. Once you live your life in accordance with yourself, miracles start happening. Here is one more thing I would like you to know; it is never too late to give it a go, and discover your life purpose– you will be amazed too.

"Soul Plan, a powerful tool to get to know yourself fully. This personalised and detailed description focuses on your challenges, talents and goals. It is an amazingly accurate description of your purposes on the planet. Often, my clients may have the understanding that they have a role to play, but they may not be sure of their paths or where their talents or potentials may lay. That is where the Soul Plan brings you clarification".